DVR - Olav Christensen

"DVR is mainly a studio project.

Music is written, recorded, produced and mastered by Olav Christensen. A musical chameleon, the style varies dramatically and goes from electronica to dance pop in an instant!

- "I try to keep everything separated in neat little boxes but they always seem to get mixed up!"

- Olav Christensen - DVR

Morten K

Morten K from 1986

He started to play music in highschool (Nordfyns Gymnasium). He's always dremt of playing the bass, and for a start, he borrowed a freinds spanish guitar, and removed two strings, to match the four strings on a bass. He soon began to play guitar, to sing and compose as well.

He joined the Highschool band "Steen" on bass, and he also formed the trio BANDit. After Highschool, he went to comercialschool for year, before moving to London. Renting a room in a house in Stamford Hill, lead to the the meeting of Liverpudlian Jeff Rycroft.

They teamed up as songwriting duo in 1986. Over the years it has turned out, that they were destined to be eachothers musicaly soulmate. All songs on SUMMER SUN is written by the two - sometimes in colaboration with other musicians.

Morten K & Jeff has been writing songs for the bands "Public Address", "Just like Eddie" and "Raisin' Jane"

and a few other artists.

Morten Ks full name is Morten Kjærgaard.

He is born in Naesby - a surburb to Odense - in 1966.

Morten K has been a member of the following bands

Steen - bass & backing vocals

BANDit - bass, lead vocal & backing vocals

Public Address - lead vocal & guitar

Just Like Eddie - lead vocal & bass

Raisin' Jane - lead vocal
O'Town Angels - lead vocal

Morten K (Left) with Raisin' Jane

Morten K is still a menber of Den Kummerlige Trio - where he's playing bass and dooing lead- & backing vocals

Morten K(Left) with Frede, Jon and Lasse, celebrating their album "Gode miner til slet spil".


Raisin' Jane: Promotion cd in 1993 (maxi ep)

Raisin' Jane: [My baby eats] SPIDERS 1995 (ep)

Raisin' Jane: The song "Angel" on the combilation cd Fat Franks Jukebox 1996 (album)

Den Kummerlige Trio: Det ve' Jette (single cd) 2001

Den Kummerlige Trio: Gode miner til slet spil

2002 (album)

Morten K: You took my time (single) 2013

2019 Morten K releases a single in Danish, under
the name Glasgriber

Morten K: Summer Sun (album) 2016

Morten K: Summer Sun (single) 2013

Morten K: Home for Christmas (single) 2016

October 2016 Morten K & Jeff took a trip down memorylane, and meet in London, where it all started 30 years ago...

Morten K

Morten K: Circles Round The Sun (single) 2017

O'Town Angels: I Love New O (single) 2017





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